Heather Slater
Poteau High School
Speech, Debate, and Drama Coach

About Me

German, language arts, speech and drama
Bachelor of Arts in German from Northeastern State University


Links to My Planbook

English II - Sophomores

English III - Juniors

HS Speech, Debate, and Drama 

 Please see the Daily Schedule tab for the link to each class period's Google Classroom. There you may find the various assignments posted. 

Please note that not all assignments listed/scored in Wen-Gage will have a corresponding post in Google Classroom. That means that the graded assignments in Google Classroom may not be the same number as those in Wen-Gage. Wen-gage is the best place to check for a student's overall grade in a class. 

Daily Schedule

Planbook Links per class period and Google Classroom links per class period

1st Hour - 10th Grade English Google Classroom

2nd Hour - Plan

3rd Hour - 11th Grade English Google Classroom

4th Hour10th Grade English Google Classroom


5th Hour 10th Grade English Google Classroom

6th Hour - 11th Grade English Google Classroom

7th Hour - HS Speech/Debate/Drama Google Classroom