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Coach: Neto Silva

Assistant Coach: Chase Caldwell


Soccer is played in the spring from the middle of February through the beginning of May

Practices usually last from 2:30 to 5:00

Games are usually played 1-2 times a week and occasionally on the weekends for certain tournaments

Boys soccer schedule Coming Soon..

  • Ethan McBee

    Kason Terry

    Diego Montelongo

    Emilio Garcia

    Erik Hobbs

    Darius Masterson

    Ramiro Lucero

    Miguel Vazquez

    Jorge Martinez

    Stihl Snyder

    Andrew Riley

    Marlin Martinez

    Beau Flanagan

    Evyen Rios

    Salvador Reyes

    Colin Adams

    Nick Silva

    Daniel Saldana

    Rylan Richmond

    Luis Sandoval

    Anthony Ramirez

    Asher Dunn

    Eddie Martinez

    Luke Culwell

    Bryan Valdivias

    Ace Vogle

    Dominic Smith

    Jorge Medina

Coach: Neto Silva

Team is open to all girls who want to sign up during 7th period athletics. 

After school practices begin Jan 15th and continues until the season ends. 

Scrimmages begin Feb 15th and regular games can be scheduled after March 1st.

Games are usually scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays with a possible tournament over a weekend.

Girls Soccer Schedule Coming Soon...

  • Whisper Bailey

    Jennifer Collier

    Betsy Gavina

    Damaris Martinez

    Alexia Staats

    Rosara Jacinto


    Brianna Medina

    Alicia Bruno

    Mackenzie Chavez

    Belen Matias

    Natalie Skinner

    Brittny Gavina

    Laney Edwards

    Elisia Garcia

    Chelse Cortes

    Yaretzy Sanchez

    Mishelle Perez

    Yoana Romero

    Deysi Campos

    Mattilyne Baker

    Maddie Gillham

    JoHanna Rios

    Rayden Way

    Kimberly Morales

    Olivia Cagle

    Monica Martinez

    Litzy Medina

    Monse Martinez

    Lizette Correa

    Viridianna Delatorre

    Micah Ellis


    Alexandra Kasper

    Jennifer Camargo

    Catherine Hobbs

    Brenda Lopez

    Dany Morales


    Jaiden Davies

    Lyndsey clark

    Emma Gunlock

    Rosaura Jacinto