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Fastpitch Coach: Ryan Dill/Ronnie Sockey
Slowpitch Coach: 

Any girls who would like to play softball, may do so. The school provides the uniforms for the players but gloves and cleats are to be provided by the players.

There is a Booster Club that takes care of the fundraisers. All parents with a child on the team are encouraged to help out with the Booster Club. The money raised is usually used to cover motel rooms and meal money for tournaments away from home. In the 2015-2016 season, the booster club helped the school with the purchase of new uniforms for the team.


  • Fastpitch is played in the Fall from the beginning of August through the beginning of October
  • Practices usually last from 2:30 to 5:00
  • Summer league softball is required for Fastpitch softball
  • The summer league is played on Thursday's throughout the month of June only
  • Games are usually played 3-4 times weekly and occasionally on the weekends for certain tournaments.


  • Slowpitch softball is played in the Spring from the beginning of March through the beginning of May.
  • Practices usually last from 2:30-4:30
  • Games are usually played 3-4 times per week

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