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Middle School

Pansy Kidd Middle School Main Building

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History of Pansy Kidd Middle School Pansy Kidd Middle School--The name of our school originated back in the early nineteen hundreds. In 1912 a lady named Pansy Ingle Kidd came to Poteau. She was a graduate of Indiana University with a Masters' Degree in English and Library Science. Pansy Ingle became a third grade teacher until 1915 when she married Frank Kidd. Since a regulation of the 1915 school board was not to hire married female teachers, she had to quit teaching. Pansy did not teach again until 1921 when the regulation was finally changed. For 40 years she taught with all her heart, and was called by many, "Dean of Poteau's Teachers." Mrs. Kidd taught whatever her superintendent needed her to teach. During her tenure she was a teacher of Science, Math, and English, Librarian, Counselor, and Principal. She organized the beginning of the Junior High School. This same school was later named in honor of Mrs. Kidd. Pansy Kidd taught for 42 years, and retired in 1960. She lived in Poteau until her death in 1978. Our school is indeed proud to be named for such an outstanding educator.