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A-F Report Card

Dear Educators, Parents and Community Stakeholders,

April, 2019, marks the eighth annual release of the A-F School Grading system. Adopted into law by the Oklahoma Legislature in 2011, it is designed to incentivize schools to strive
for and reach high levels of college- and career-readiness. Unlike previous systems of school accountability, this initiative shows how students within a school are meeting or advancing toward grade-level academic standards in a framework that anyone can understand.  As this is still a relatively new system, however, we must ensure that the A-F system is both understandable and interpreted appropriately. Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea of what it is — and isn’t — intended to measure.

The A-F Report Card is:

• An indicator of the percentage of students, regardless of background, within a school who are currently meeting or exceeding grade-level academic standards.

• An indicator of the percentage of students (particularly the lower performing students) who are at least making significant progress toward meeting grade-level academic standards.

• An indicator of whether schools are exceeding expectations in terms of school attendance, high school graduation, etc. (via the awarding of bonus points).

The A-F Report Card is not:

• A measure of the “school” or “teacher” effect on student learning.

• A statement about a school’s overall quality of services provided.

Just as students’ report cards provide a snapshot of their school performance, the Oklahoma School Report Cards show how public schools across Oklahoma are serving students in a variety of areas. The dashboard available here is similar to the dashboard of a car displaying key information. Users can click through to learn more. + read more

In contrast to previous years of Oklahoma’s school report cards, school performance is now being measured across multiple indicators, including academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism, progress in English language proficiency assessments, postsecondary opportunities and graduation. Each of these indicators receives a specific point value that translates to a letter grade.

At the core of the Oklahoma School Report Cards is the belief that all students can grow and all schools can improve. While no student report card tells the full story of a child, no school report card tells the full story of a school. Education is far more than a single score or letter grade, but it is important that families and communities can see both strengths and areas that need support and improvement.

In the coming months, new contextual information will be added to the Oklahoma School Report Cards, including per-pupil expenditures, educator qualifications and other metrics.



Poteau High School

Poteau High School 2018-2019
oteau High School 2017-2018
Poteau High School 2016-2017
Poteau High School 2015-2016
Poteau High School 2014-2015

Pansy Kidd Middle School
Pansy Kidd Middle School 2018-2019
Pansy Kidd Middle School 2017-2018
Pansy Kidd Middle School 2016-2017
Pansy Kidd Middle School 2015-2016
Pansy Kidd Middle School 2014-2015

Poteau Upper Elementary 
Poteau Upper Elementary 2018-2019
Poteau Upper Elementary 2017-2018
Poteau Upper Elementary 2016-2017
Poteau Upper Elementary 2015-2016
Poteau Upper Elementary 2014-2015

Poteau Primary School
Poteau Primary School 2018-2019
Poteau Primary School 2017-2018
Poteau Primary School 2016-2017
Poteau Primary School 2015-2016
Poteau Primary School 2014-2015

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