The student of the week is nominated and chosen by the teachers. Each week, select students from each grade are awarded the honor of being student of the week. These are students who exemplify the meaning of the word of the month. Here you will find the word of the month and a definition of each word. Please click on the links to see our Students of the Week.


August - Respect – treating others the way you want to be treated

September - Responsibility- taking care of your duties and tasks carefully

October - Integrity - making choices that help you be the best person you can be

November - Citizenship - obeying the rules and working to make your community a better place

December - Compassion - being kind and thoughtful toward others 

January - Perseverance - working hard and not giving up

February - Honesty – being truthful and sincere

March - Self Discipline - thinking about your words and actions, then making choices that are right for you and others

April - Fairness – taking turns, sharing and listening to what others have to say

May - Trustworthiness –other people can count on you to do the right thing




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