Cathleen Manlove

Poteau Upper Elementary







Current Position:

This is my fourth year teaching 3rd grade at Poteau Upper Elementary School. 

 Previous Experiences:

Prior to becoming a teacher I worked as a Special Education Paraprofessional for one year in Poteau Public Schools. During this year I worked at the Primary School, the Upper Elementary, and at PKMS. 

 Philosophy of Teaching:

I believe as an Elementary Teacher, my role is to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment that actively engages all learners. I take into account the individuality of each learner and know that children learn differently. I focus on providing my students with various strategies that will guide them in becoming successful within their own learning styles. It is my goal to challenge my students daily by creating lessons that help each of them become problem solvers that can critically think on their own. Students in 3rd grade are essentially still in the early stages of learning, and I hope that I am able to provide them with the essential tools and resources to be successful inside and outside of classroom walls. 

It is rewarding to watch each student grow academically and flourish within their own skill set. I believe as an educator it is my job to guide each student through this process. My greatest joy in teaching is seeing students succeed. When my students walk into my classroom, I hope it is a place where they know they are loved, safe, and cared for daily. 

 Personal Teaching Style:

I believe that my personal teaching style begins with building relationships with my students. By developing these relationships I am able to gain a better understanding of each student and their unique style of learning . My teaching style is primarily centered around student participation and class engagement. I know that each student that enters my classroom is capable of learning, but may learn differently than their peers. As I am planning a lesson and teaching, my goal is to incorporate the core learning components to best fit the learning styles of each student. In my classroom, one of  my goals is to encourage class participation. I want each student in my classroom to feel comfortable sharing and expressing their ideas and thoughts. Not all students are comfortable sharing aloud, so I implement various techniques that allow all students to be contributing members of the classroom. I frequently use individual student whiteboards to allow for hands-on learning. One of my favorite ways to engage students is to get them up out of their seats to collaboratively work with their classmates, whether in the room using post its, in the hallways, or outside with clipboards. My students enjoy when we implement educational games into our daily lessons. These games vary from traditional games to made up games to fit the lesson I am teaching. I try to share what works for me with my co-teachers, so that we can all work together for the success of our students. 

The world of education is always changing, and my teaching style continues to change along with it. By collaborating with other teachers, taking advantage of professional opportunities, and using available resources, I hope to adapt my teaching style in order to fit the learning needs of each student who walks through my classroom door.