Dear Parents and Student,

I am excited to welcome everyone to a new year at Poteau Upper Elementary.  The theme for this year is “Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate.”  As a crew member you can expect an adventurous year full of learning and fun. 

The faculty and staff at UES are dedicated to students….academic achievement is top priority.  Our goal is to instill in students a passion for learning while giving them the tools they need be successful.  We take pride in our commitment to education and look forward to working with you and your child this school year.  We know that your child will learn and grow at UES.

We would also like to encourage parents to be involved in your child’s education.  Students whose parents take part in their education and support learning tend to do better in school.   It only takes a few minutes a day to read with your child, assist them with their homework, or just engage them in conversation about their learning. You will not regret spending time with your child.

I look forward to this voyage and thank you for placing your trust in UES.



Kelly Holton, Principal
Poteau Upper Elementary School



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