Poteau Primary School Teacher of The Year

Jamie Griffith



Name: Jamie Griffith


School where you teach: Poteau Primary School


Please list the places you have taught and the number of years taught in each place:

Poteau Primary School - 27 years


What grade(s) and subject(s) do you currently teach?

Special Education - 3 year old program


What grade(s) and subject(s) have you taught in your career?

1995-1996-O.P.A.T. (Birth-3 year old program where I went into the home once a month for early intervention.)

1996-1997-½ day O.P.A.T.  ½ day Kindergarten 

1997-2007- Kindergarten Teacher

2007-2021-Reading Intervention Pre-K-2nd 

2021-2022-Special Education 3 year old program