Ashley Oliver
Poteau High School
7th Hour : 1:40 - 2:25 p.m.

About Me

Biological Sciences

Natural Science Education
Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

Bachelor of Science Education in Natural Science

Master of Arts Educational Leadership

I am originally from the Poteau area and graduated from PHS in 2006.  I obtained my degrees from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and East Central University.  I can be reached by e-mail:  or through a message left with the office.  My prep hour is from 1:40 - 2:25 in the afternoons if I need to be contacted.  

Resources for parents and students: I send out text reminders from REMIND101 that each student and parent can subscribe to receive. Email for code.




Daily Schedule

1st:  Pirate Connect

2nd:  Pirate Connect

3rd:  Pirate Connect

4th:  Pirate Connect

5th:  Pirate Connect

6th:  Pirate Connect

7th:  Prep

8th: Pirate Connect Hour