Matt Kennedy
Poteau High School
6th Hour 12:50 pm- 1:35 pm

About Me

Computer Applications I
Bachelors of Science in Physical Education

I have taught for six years, and I previous taught at a small school District in Western Oklahoma. I have been coaching for nine years and have coached various sports. This year I am an Assistant Coach for Football and I am the Head Wrestling Coach.



Daily Schedule

1st Hour 8:00 am 8:45 am JUNIOR HIGH ATHLETICS
2nd Hour 8:50 am 9:35 am COMPUTER APPS I
3rd Hour 9:40 am 10:25 am COMPUTER APPS I
4th Hour 10:30 am 11:15 am COMPUTER APPS I
5th Hour 11:20 am 12:05 am COMPUTER APPS I
6th Hour 12:50 pm 1:35 pm PLAN
7th Hour 1:40 pm 2:25 pm HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS
8th Hour 2:30 pm 3:05 pm HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS