Joe R Ballard
High School Principal
Poteau High School
Not enough time!

About Me

History, Physical Education, and Health
I have been teaching since 2003. I have taught and coached high school football, basketball, and softball in Redwater, TX for one year. I then moved back home to the Tulsa area and received a job at Kellyville, OK. I have coached and taught there since 20
I have a degree from Northeastern State University and my Masters in Administration from Northeastern State University

I grew up in Luther, Oklahoma and had a wonderful career in athletics and agriculture. I furthered my education on a football scholarship to Kansas Wesleyan University. From there I ventured onto Northeastern State University where I played football until a back injury sidelined my football career. With my football career over, I concentrated in the classroom and received both degrees from NSU. Once I was hired on at Kellyville, I met Coffee Pierce which taught just a few doors down from me. With persistence, I finally won her heart and her hand in marriage!  We now have boy and girl twins and their names are Pierce and Traegan Ballard. My life now consists of school events and hunting trips! I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Joe R. Ballard



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