Poteau High School Dress Code


  • Skirts and Dresses:
    • Skirts or dresses must extend two (2) inches beyond the longest finger on
      the hand with shoulders in a relaxed position and shall not be revealing,
      disruptive, or distract from the educational process.
    • Skirt or dress openings (slits) must not expose the upper leg higher than
      the “2 inch beyond the longest finger rule stated above”.
  • Tops: Any shirt, blouse, or sweater may be worn with the following conditions:
    • The top must not be “see-through”.
    • Shirts and blouses must be properly buttoned and cannot expose the
      midriff when the arms are raised from the side.
    • Tank top style sleeveless dresses, shirts, or blouses that expose
      undergarments are not permitted, tops must be at least 2.5 inches wide
      across the shoulder.
    • Any article of clothing, which exposes the back or midriff, may not be
    • Muscle shirts may be worn, but not as primary garments. A shirt or top
      must be worn over them.
    • Shirt or dress sleeve openings must not expose the torso, chest, or
    • Young ladies will have no low-cut tops, which expose cleavage.
  • Pants: 
    • Pants, jeans, or slacks, which are neat and clean, are acceptable.
    • Pants, shorts, (or skirts) which are frayed or have holes in the area
      between the top of the waistband to the tip of the longest finger on the
      student’s hand are prohibited.
      Pants made of form-fitting stretch material may not be worn as a primary
      outer garment. Tights and leggings may be worn only under other
      garments, which meet the provisions of this dress code.
    • Sagging is not acceptable.
    • Pants may not ride low exposing the torso, back, or undergarments.
    • Pajama style pants are not appropriate for school wear.
  • Shorts: 
    • Shorts, which are properly hemmed and appropriate length, are
    • Shorts must extend to the tip of the longest finger on the hand with the
      shoulders in a relaxed position.
    • Shorts with slits on the sides are not permitted.
  • Accessories: Examples of accessories which are not acceptable are as follows:
    • Headbands, armbands, leg bands
    • Hats, caps, hoods when worn in the building
    • Any clothing, jewelry, emblems, badges, symbols, signs, graffiti or any
      other items that are evidence of membership in or affiliation with a gang
      or other “secret society” is prohibited.
    • Clothing or accessories that display vulgar expressions, disrespect for the
      American flag, or alcohol or tobacco products is not permitted