Cross country season has come to an end and for some, it’s their last season here at PHS. When asked what she thought of her performance with this year being her last, Zoe Nesbitt said “That question stings a little. It’s bittersweet, I love this sport and want to watch as our younger runners get faster and stronger, but the competitor in me wants to race forever.” Seniors have really taken charge this year and played a big part in increasing morale within the team. “I got a chance to lead a lot more this year and felt like a larger part of the team. I feel confident in the team coming next year, young as ours is,” said Riley Gastelum. With the help of Coach Aguero, our runners are pushing themselves harder than ever and some like Shelby Zink are finding a new appreciation for the sport. “I first started running as a way to stay active, but this year has made me view the sport more competitively. I enjoy representing my school and being part of a team. “ This is Coach Aguero’s first year at Poteau as well as coaching at the high school level. “I have been coaching collegiately for the past 17 years, so there are many new things that stand out to me. The majority of our athletes have improved quite a bit from the start of the season until now. Our Monday long runs have also been a highlight. It's exciting to see athletes run farther than they ever have before. I really enjoyed seeing our athletes get the opportunity to compete at the prestigious Chile Pepper Festival.”Not only did Poteau attend the chili pepper festival PHS Cross Country placed top 5 in regionals qualifying them to attend the state meet on Oct. 30th. Poteau competed against 4a schools from all over the state. Runner Zoe Nesbitt has high hopes when it comes to state “I think we’ve got a good shot at coming in the top ten, a tall order when ranking against these private schools. We’re stronger, faster, and more conditioned than ever before, it looks good.” Poteau left for the state meet Friday the 29th to compete in the state meet the following day with the boys placing 7th out of 21 other 4a schools and the girls placing 8th out of 21 and PHS senior Zoe Nesbitt coming in at 11th place out of 165 with a time of 11:37 in the two-mile. Congrats on a great season!





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Bryan Valdivias
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Evan Austin
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Oscar Lucero
Daniel Wiles
Alexe Pickle
Ashly Johnson
Chani Lloyd
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Kaidance Carnahan
Mackenzie Lingenfelter
Payton Stover
Shannon Clark
Liliana Alcarzar



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