Pansy Kidd Middle School

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Welcome to Pansy Kidd Middle School.  Whether this is your first year or you are a returning student, we hope to make this coming year productive and rewarding.  To help us attain this goal, you need to begin this school year planning to do the best you can to succeed.

The middle school is the bridge between elementary and senior high school.  While here, you will reinforce your basic knowledge, and skills; explore a variety of interest areas to broaden your education; expand your present knowledge base; and gain direction through a strong guidance program.

Education is a partnership between educators and students.  As teachers and administrators, we agree to provide the opportunity for you to improve your abilities.  It is your responsibility to become an active learner. The Pansy Kidd Middle School faculty and administrators challenge you to increase your knowledge, to improve your skills, and to become active in every phase of your education.

To help you better understand our school, this handbook of general information has been prepared.  You should become familiar with this information to gain a better understanding of the expectations for all students.  Each student will be issued a handbook. It would be beneficial for the students to get a calendar or notebook to keep a list of daily assignments and activities.



We, as teachers and administrators, realize and accept the awesome responsibility entrusted to us daily by the parents and patrons of Poteau schools.  Your input into the learning experiences of your child is an essential part of his/her total educational program. Together we share the hope that your child will realize his/her fullest potential.  The degree of success we achieve in reaching that goal will be determined largely by the extent to which home and school can work together. With your cooperation and support we can maintain a productive, effective, orderly and safe environment for our students.

At no time should you be in doubt of your child's progress.  Key information that you should gain from your child daily is:

  1. The learning activities that he/she participated in today.
  2. The homework assignment that he/she needs to prepare for tomorrow.
  3. Does he/she have adequate supplies for each class?


This handbook is designed to provide general information about our school.  It is our hope that you will become familiar with the information and discuss expectations with your child.

The PKMS Student Handbook and Parent’s Rights may be viewed at our website.



The purpose of the Poteau School System is to provide guidance and instruction so each student will become a contributing, self-supporting member of an ever-changing democratic society by attaining the following attributes: an awareness of potentialities, as well as limitations; an acceptance of self; confidence in his/her own feelings; an acceptance of society; the capability to adapt to both individual needs and the needs of associates; a self-sufficiency vocationally and as a consumer; literacy; and capability to advance academic, vocational, and cultural interests.

Ideally, the school climate will provide an environment in which faculty and students can experience mutual acceptance, respect, appreciation, and trust.  Teachers and administrators should consider themselves co-workers, supporting each other as they strive to fulfill the educational objectives of the school in an atmosphere that recognizes the rights and dignity of each individual.  Considering the maturity of the individual student and the nature of the educational process, the school will provide practice in democratic principles, emphasizing these rights, as well as individual responsibility. Such an atmosphere is possible when the student needs are central to every decision or activity in the school.

 Keeping these individual needs in perspective and with the ultimate goal of student education, the school is flexible enough to utilize new ideas and traditional methods to promote the best learning situation possible for the subject matter and individuals being taught; recognizing that processes to develop the elements of rational thought should be used in every part of the curriculum.  At the same time, the teacher is viewed as an organizer of learning activities, a motivator, a resource person who attempts to provide the opportunity for each student to develop his unique abilities and interests at his own rate, and a utilizer of the best available instructional methods meaningful to the student. The faculty believes that all children can learn and develops education programs based on that belief.

Because, in a world of change, the most important content is “learning to learn,” learning to think must also be included as a vital part of the curriculum.  The basic skills (thinking, reading, writing, listening, and arithmetic) are among the priorities as content in the school. Other important aspects of the school content include an exploration of the fine arts, socialization skills, understanding of self, responsible conduct, understanding and appreciating the world in which the student lives and will live, and other “survival" skills (vocational education, health and physical education, economic education, literacy).  In addition, the curriculum should reflect the cultural values of the community and assist in the development of those values in each individual. It is understood, though, that any content selected is merely a vehicle for the achievement of educational goals. If the school is successful, the student will be able to use rational powers effectively and make appropriate choices. The student will have awareness and an acceptance of his/her potentialities and limitations as a functioning, adapting member of society who is literate and self-sufficient in a vocation and as a consumer.



The mission of the Poteau Public Schools, in cooperation with other institutions of society, is to ensure the opportunity for all students to acquire and use within their ability the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary for today and tomorrow.  This mission is carried out within the philosophy of the district.


To assure our graduates have acquired appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding from the instructional program of Poteau ISD #29, Exit Outcomes have been developed.  These Exit Outcomes are considered essential learning that must be demonstrated at a minimum level within each student's ability by all who graduate from this school district.

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