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6th hour


A note to parents:

Each student in American History will be required to complete 2 assignments each week. All of this is explained to the students on their Google Classroom for American History.

In my American History class for online students that will mean completing a set of activities on and a set of activities on USA Test Prep. Each of the students is familiar with each of these sites as we have worked on them before. is a vocabulary word site with numerous activities including flashcards, learn, spell, etc. as well as educational games. For their Quizlet assignment each week, each student will simply be required to complete each activity. The grade displayed does not matter only that they completed the activity at least once. They are more than welcome to work on each activity as many times as they wish. Each set is based on a chapter in the book that we would have gone over in class.

USA Test Prep is an educational website that has questions and activities based on the standards set out for each subject. For their USA Test Prep assignment each week, each student will be required to complete a set of activities and lessons that I have selected. Some of the assignments do require a 60% to complete but each student does have unlimited attempts. I encourage every student to use all resources they can, including the internet. 


Paper/pencil students will need to complete the packets they picked up from the school. Each packet contains the same vocabulary words as the online curriculum. The questions in the packet can be completed with the attached notes.


Computer Apps II students will need to complete a review of a podcast they listened to each week.

Paper/Pencil students will need to complete the packet they received from the school

Below is a link to what your students will be studying each week.


American History Lesson Plans


Computer Apps Lesson Plans

About Me

American History
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BS: Political Science and History; Masters: Teaching (2008)

University of Arkansas

Hello, my name is Chase Caldwell. I am a 2003 graduate of Poteau High School and a 2007 & 2008 graduate of the University of Arkansas.

As a teacher I am a big believer that every student can learn if they ready and willing to learn. I also seek to make my classes as relevent to the students as possible. To that end I seek to integrate technology into the classroom as much as possible. Each student in my class has his or her own email address which they use to turn things in and login to Google Drive.



Daily Schedule

1st Hour   American History
2nd Hour   American History
3rd Hour   American History
4th Hour   American History
5th Hour   American History
6th Hour   Planning
7th Hour   Computer Apps II