Poteau High School Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Angel Barbee




Mrs. Barbee attended Spiro schools during her childhood. Both of her parents were school teachers. Their love of their students and subject matter are what inspired Mrs. Barbee to become a teacher. She states, “In our family, service to others was most important. As a child and teenager I loved to read, write, and most of all, I love working with people so it was a great avenue for me job-wise to choose teaching because it encapsulated everything I loved to do.”

After high school she went to UFAS in Fort Smith. During that time she was not involved in many extra curricular activities which was hard for her after being involved in so much during high school. She transferred to Carl Albert in Poteau for her second year, and she got really involved so she met tons of amazing people. At CASC, her favorite subjects were English and the Humanities.

After her second year, she transferred to Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, looking forward to the next two years in locking down her major. She loved school there and enjoyed her classes, because they were all English and Education courses. She feels that  she obtained a top notch education from the professors at NSU. Reflecting on her there she states, “It was a great experience getting to be taught by professors who specialized in the classes they were teaching. I had so much fun taking British Literature from a native of Great Britain. My American Literature Survey classes were taught by an American novelist. NSU’s campus was beautiful in the fall and spring. The people there were extremely friendly and helpful.” Since graduation she has taught; Junior and Senior AP English, Junior and Senior English, Freshman English, Visual Arts and Humanities, Creative Writing, and currently teaches an online Mythology. She has a passion for anything to do with storytelling, literature, or reading.

Mrs. Barbee enjoys reading and teaching stories she can connect to emotionally. She expresses that an author should pull his audience in by one’s emotions  and make them feel what the character feels. She sees it is her job to help students connect with, analyze, and understand what they are reading.

Outside of teaching she is very active in the community theatre. She has taken on the roles of producer, assistant director, and actor. Another important role she plays is being a mother of two beautiful children of her own, Juliet and Beau. “When it comes to anything my kids have going on, I am their number one fan and supporter and most importantly, their taxi!” she stated. Her daughter Juliet is fifteen and a freshman here at Poteau High while her son Beau is twelve and a sixth grader a Pansy Kidd Middle School in Poteau. Surrounded by professional, helpful, kind co-workers and students, Mrs. Barbee looks forward to working at Poteau Public Schools for many years to come.

 Written by: Christina Jones