Poteau High School

Mission Statement: Promote appreciation for science and to ensure that science and technology are used for public good. To encourage students to engage in public interests activities.


President- Holly Treadway

Vice President- Jessica Melton

Secretary- Kylanna Hardaway

Sunshine Chair- Savannah Fabian

Treasurer- Savannah Young



Sr Rep.- Elizabeth Eden

Jr Rep.- Grayson Wise

Soph Rep.- Breanna Curry

Fr Rep.- Maddie Gillham



Dominique Webster

Elizabeth Eden

Holly Treadway

Katy Leary

Savannah Gillham

Casie Morgan

Fabian Hurtado-McCool

Grayson Wise

Kaegan Clark

Kylanna Hardaway

Mackenzie Williamson

Wesley Bunn

Breanna Curry

Kenzie Newman

Savanna Fabian

Savannah Young

Maddie Gillham

Katie Redhage


Sponser: Mrs. Ashlee Taylor

Meetings are every other Thursday in Mrs. Taylor's room @ 12noon.


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